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  • In a slump

    Full report coming soon...

  • Turtle’s Grounded

    For the second week running, second half fade out's have cost the Turtles dearly and could have easily seen the Turtles back in the top four. But now the Turtles sit two games out [...]

  • Too little, too late.

    The Turtles have gone down in a last second thriller against Emmaus St Leo's this afternoon at Bennettswood Reserve in Burwood. The slow starting Turtles fought back from being over 5 goals down in the [...]

  • Turtles back on track

    Old Eltham having claimed their second scalp in as many weeks with a solid performance in wet and windy conditions on Saturday afternoon at Eltham College Oval. The Turtles 33 point win over newly [...]

A message from the President

Having spent the last five years consolidating our place in the midst of the VAFA divisions via Division 2, the 2017 season sees the club entering its next era, and our major push into the higher divisions. Being only two divisions away from C grade, where the likes of Western Bulldogs demigod Luke Beverage commenced his coaching successes, we’re now striving to be amongst the action.
As incoming chairman and president of the Eltham Collegians Football Club (The Turtles) board, I speak for the entire board when I say we’re excited for what lies ahead. There’s a lot of exciting things shaping up at the club that will impact our 2017 season:

• We have a new coaching panel
• We welcome new players and families into our ranks
• We have established a new board structure; and
• We continue to grow our relationship with Eltham College as a partner in our endeavour to ensure the club has a strong future ahead

We’ve set in place the pillars that drive our football club. There is something about being connected with the Turtles that makes those who aren’t involved a little envious. We want to achieve our objectives but in order to do so, we need to have the finances in place to support our goals. With this in mind, we’ve put together a number of sponsorship options which will not only help to benefit the club, but also those who take them up.
We love our sponsors and support them fiercely. Make no doubt about it, in 2017 we’re striving for the premiership, and with the strong support of our partners and sponsors, we believe the premiership is within our grasp.

Yours Sincerley

Jamie Hyndman – President, Old Eltham Collegians Football Club

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